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JJW Team Contract


As a member of a team at JJW,

I do promise to commit

to the rules a policies for the

2019-20 dance season (Sept-June)

        -I understand the importance of being on time to each class and working my hardest each day.

            -I understand that my team members are counting on me attend all practices.

             Parents will contact Tamara Cooper ahead of time and excuse me from dance class in case of                   emergency .

            -I understand that when I miss class, I miss choreography and agree to get with a member of my               team to learn what I have missed prior to the next dance class.

            -I understand that it is unacceptable to miss, or be late to class the week of a performance                       and/or competition, and if I do so, I will be removed from any/all routines that are being                             performed that week (with the exception of extreme family emergencies, graded school                             commitments and contagious illnesses).

            -As a member of a JJW team, I understand that I am an example to the other dancers around me               of how to behave in class and treat others. Being part of a team means that I need to support                   and uplift my teammates during classes. I promise to treat all my teachers and teammates with               respect and kindness. I understand that gossip, immodestly, profanity, and un-sportsmanlike                   conduct will not be tolerated at JJW and doing so may result in my dismissal from class or                           expulsion from team.

            -I understand that cell phones must be turned on silent and left in hall cabinet during dance                       class. Or handed to a teacher.

            -I understand and agree to the JJW Dance dress code and attendance policies. 

Team members will compete in 3 to 4 Mandatory competitions in the spring. 

            -Spring activities such as sports, theater groups, musicals etc. that may conflict with team are                     not allowed. Dance is a Fall, Winter and Spring sport – Remember, we have

             been in session since September and have expectations that you agreed to.

            -Concerning competitions Team Dancers will wear hair and makeup as instructed and keep                         costumes in good care and order. If you miss a costume piece, you may be asked to sit out. 

            -Team Dancers must wear tanks over bra tops while in class. No bare midriffs.

            -No visible tattoos are allowed and extra piercings will be removed for performances. 

            -It is understood that Boyfriends are not allowed to watch classes or hang around the studio.                    -Proof or RUMOR of drug use of any kind (including vaping) will be addressed with a parent.

            -Profanity will not be tolerated at JJW.

Parental Commitment Contract As a parent of a team dancer at JJW

 I do promise to commit to the 2019-2020 dance season (Sept-June). I will be sure that my dancer is in class each week and at each performance. I understand that there will be multiple performances throughout the year and very few may come with short notice. I agree to have my daughter at all of the dance competitions and performances. I understand that if I cannot commit to all three competitions that my daughter will not be allowed to compete with her team in any competitions (with the exception of extreme family emergency or severe illness or injury). If the time comes that my child needs to be excused from class, I will contact Tamara Cooper by text 208-308- 8972 ahead of time. I understand that if my child misses class, she must get with a member of her team to learn what she missed. I understand that it is unacceptable to miss class the week of a performance and/or competition, and doing so will result in being removed from any/all routines that are being performed that week (with the exception of extreme family emergency or severe illness or injury). I agree that spring activities conflict with team and will not be allowed. I agree to the financial obligation of this team and agree to pay my tuition as stated in the team policies and on the JJW website. I understand that if my tuition is delinquent over 60 days my dancer will not be allowed to participate in practices or performances with her team. I understand that if by any circumstances my child is withdrawn from the team during the 2018-2019 dance season, I will not be refunded any portion of costume fees, tuition fees or competition fees. I have read and understand the policies provided to me by JJW and I support them. I know that parents are allowed to view classes during the last class of each month. I understand that I am an example to my child of how to behave and treat others.


Please sign up for the remind app to your phone by texting @jjwte to 81010. This will add you to our remind TEAM list, and is our MAIN form of communication for parents.

Team Contract Commitment

By signing below you are agreeing to our studio policy and Team Contract. The information entered below will be used for all contact this year.

Congratulations on becoming a JJW Team Member! 

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