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Little Tykes/Pee Wee: 1:00 -1:30

Tiny 1/Tiny 2: 1:30 -2:00

Tinys 3/Tinys 4: 2:00 to 2:30

Combo A/Combo B1:  3:00-3:30 (Will need to leave School a little early)

Combo B2/Combo C: 3:30-4:00

Combo D/HH1: 4:00-4:30

HH2/Tinys 4: 4:30-5:00

Intro Ballet/Ballet 1 and Ballet 2: 5:00-5:45

Mini’s and Demi’s:  5:45-6:15

Jazz1/Jazz2 & Boys HH: 6:15-6:45

Ballet 3 and Elite Team: 6:45-7:15

Ballet 4/Ballet 5/Pointe: 7:15-8:45

Jr. Co/Sr Co: 8:45-9:15


The following classes will need a black basic (no skirt) leo, and toast dance tights:  Little Tykes, PeeWee, Tiny’s 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Combo A, B-1, B-2 and C.  We will send a Christmas Costume accessory home with your child that we will collect after the performance on Dec 10th.

Combo D, All HipHop, Jazz 1/Jazz 2 - Black leggings or joggers, black top of any kind (no graphics)  


Ballet classes – your instructor will let you know what you need.  *We may also have a costume accessory for you for the performance.

Teams: If your costumes arrive on time, we will get them to you ASAP.  If not, we will go with a plan B to be discussed in class.  *Be sure your costume fees are paid!

Show #1 5:30pm Dec. 10th at CSI:  Arrive at 5pm… We will start on time!

Little Tykes, PEEWEE, Tiny’s 1, Tiny’s 2, Combo A, Combo C, HipHop 1, HipHop 2, Jazz/Lyrical 2, Ballet 1, Mini Co, Ballet 2, Ballet 4, Sr. Co.

Show #2 7pm Dec 10th:  Arrive at 6:30pm… We will start on time!

Tiny’s 3, Tiny’s 4, Combo B-1, Combo B-2, Combo D, Boys HipHop, Jazz/Lyrical 1, Intro Ballet, Ballet 3, Demi Co, Ballet 5, Elite Co, Pointe and JR. Co

Admission is $5 per person – All proceeds support CSI Golden Girls/CSI Cheer Squad who will be there to help with our show and assist classes.   You will need a stamp to enter the Auditorium. Shows will run approximately 45mins each.  $5 gets you into both shows.

2019 Christmas Recital

NOV/DEC 2019

TEAM JACKETS:  If you are on a Competition team/company - we will be fitting your team jackets the last week of Oct.  Team jackets are a new style this year, but will remain the same next year. If your jacket still fits, you do not need a new one.  Team Jackets are $57.  You must pay for your jacket before we will order it for you.  You can do this in the boutique. 

COSTUME FEES FOR ALL: Will be due by October 25th.  We must receive your fee in order to purchase your costume, we simply don't have the resources to extend funds. Fittings will take place the first week of October. 

THANKSGIVING:  The studio will be closed the week of Thanksgiving.  

DECEMBER FEES:  Will be the full months tuition.  Rather than charge recital and rehearsal fees for December show and June show and charge extra if you'd like the media package, we will include all fees along with both the Christmas Media Package and the June Media Package with your tuition.  No fees will be charged in June! *Team dancers - you will still have choreography classes during your regular class times after our Christmas program.  Your December tuition covers this. All routines will be finished by December 20th. 

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM: *SAVE THE DATE*  We will hold a dress rehearsal in the JJW studio on Monday Dec 9th, and our show will be at CSI on Tuesday Dec 10th.  This event will help fund the CSI Dance and Cheerleading teams with costs such as uniforms and travel. Proceeds are donated to CSI Cheer/Dance.  The cost is $5 per person.  $20 per Famly.  $2 for grandparents.  Children 4 and under are free and PERFORMERS DO NOT PAY.  Programs will be free of charge. 

WINTER BREAK: All our classes with the exception of Mini, Demi, Junior, Senior and Elite - will break for winter following our Dec. 10th program.  Company dancers will have choreography sessions during normal dance class hours in order for us to be competition ready come January.  Company dancers will received more information on days we will meet soon. ALL CLASSES WILL RESUME JANUARY 6th. 

Nov/Dec 2019
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