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1-STUDIO CARE: No gum, food or drinks in the dance studios or dressing rooms. Water only please. Dancers may snack in the BACK LOBBY area and are expected to clean up any mess they create. If the lobby area is left a mess – dancers will not be allowed to eat or snack at the studio in the future.

2-DRESS CODE: Proper dance attire for dance class will be expected. 

3-RETRIEVEING YOUR STUDENTS: Parents, please be prompt in picking up your young students.  If you will be delayed, please let a teacher know.  Although our lobby is wait friendly, we cannot watch students or be responsible for students who are waiting long periods of time for a ride home. 5 to 10 mins is acceptable. If a teacher has to wait more than 20 mins for your child to be picked up, we will send an invoice of $20 for student care.

4-RETAIL AREA: Students and Parents will be asked NOT to linger in the DanceWear Boutique side of the studio.  This is a retail space and in order to keep a professional image, we must keep this area clear.  Students should be picked up and dropped off in the BACK STUDIO area whenever possible. If you have class in the front studio, we ask that you be prompt in pick up and drop off.

5-FLOOR CARE: Street shoes will not be allowed on the studio floors at any time.

6-PARENT DAY: Parents will be allowed to watch class ONE dance day per month.  The LAST class of each month has been set aside as parent day. No parents will be allowed in the studio during class time except for the parent day assigned. It helps keep your child’s learning attention. Please speak to grandparents who may be taking your child to dance.  We don’t like to ask them to leave.

7-TEXT ALERTS: You will receive a text message in case we close the studio due to poor roads or snow days. You cannot reply or text to this number. Other alerts and reminders will be sent to your phone by JDS periodically. You must sign up for this by texting @jjws to 208-647-0493

8-MISSED CLASSES: There is no discount for missed classes.  A class may be made up by attending a similar class that is held during the week.  If you’d like to make up a class, please make arrangements with the teacher whose class you plan to attend. If you’d like to make up a class due to a holiday – you are more than welcome to attend a similar class.

9-QUITTINGFull tuition payment is expected until Brittney is alerted and responds to the news that your student will no longer be taking class. This must be sent in the form of an EMAIL. Do not send word with a sibling or friend. Students who do not continue through the year, but have ordered and paid for a class costume will forfeit their costume.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  JDS is not obligated in any way to refund a costume or tuition if you do not finish the dance year.  Please understand that your empty space in class is impossible to fill during the year as we are underway with choreography etc…  Your costume will be returned for a portion of its cost to offset the loss of tuition. 

10-TUITION: We will send out invoices the 1st of every month to the email you registered with, payment is expected before the 15th of every month, after the 15th a late fee of $15 will be added to any account not paid.  Students who are more than two months behind in tuition, will not be allowed to attend class until the account is current. We do use a collections agency on past due accounts.   Tuition remains the same whether it is a long 5 week or short 3 week month.

11-COSTUMES:  Fees for ALL classes (Excluding Tumbling and Team) will be $70 and is due by October 25th.  Late fees for costumes paid after Oct. 25th will be $20. We cannot order your costume if it is not paid for. We will only order costumes twice per year… Once in October and then in February.  We cannot pay additional shipping fees on sporadic orders. This costume fee is for the June recital and will be a 2 in 1 costume of high quality. Team costume fees will be posted soon and are also due October 25th. JDS has a reputation for providing a lot of costume for your dollar.  We are modest, but in-style.  REMEMBER: If you quit mid-year, you forfeit your costume. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

12-HOLIDAYS:  JDS will follow the Twin Falls School District schedule. *We do not close for teacher work days with the exception of the Idaho Education In-Service days where the entire state is out for a 4 day weekend. This happens twice per year.

Tuition Fees

Registration & Costs

Registration Fee: $20 per family (Fall/Winter/Spring)

45 Min Class..... $50/mo  (Example: Tiny's 1 $50 per month)

1 HR to 1 HR 15 min  class....$55/mo  (Example:  Ballet 3 $55 per month)

Team Class (*audition only) = 2 classes per week...$75/mo  

Add a class ... $20 per class (Same student taking an additional class)

Add POINTE class:  Dancers who take pointe must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week for strength.  Pointe class is only $15 per month for these dancers.  


2nd CHILD DISCOUNT:  -$20 off total

3rd CHILD DISCOUNT:  subtract and additional -$10

FAMILY MAXOUT DISCOUNT:  $175... unlimited students per immediate family, up to 6 classes per week!

ANNUAL DISCOUNT:  Pay for the dance year in full and receive a 10% discount *Annual tuition is non-refundable and is due by September 15th. Annual tuition must be paid by cash or check.

COSTUME FEES:  All classes except team competition classes will pay a $70 fee for dance recital costumes.  This includes all combo class, hiphop, jazz, contemporary, ballet etc...  *TUMBLERS do not pay costume fees*

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