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Team Information

Mock Competition

Monday, March 8th

We will be holding a mock competition for all our teams in preparation for our competition season! Each dancer needs to be in full costume, hair and makeup for the mock competition. We will have judges come in to give the teams feedback and critiques so they can feel confident and ready when we hit the stage! Here is the schedule for the 8th:

5:45-6:45pm- Minis and Demis (alternating routines so each team has time for costume changes)

6:45-8pm- Jrs, Srs, Elite (alternating routines for costume changes) Mini and Demi teams will need SLICKED, high curled ponytails. JRs, Srs, and Elite will be doing double dutch French braids into a ponytail- teachers will provide a picture so each dancer knows exactly what it should look like.

Makeup- each dancer needs a brown smoky eye, mascara (Jr/Sr/Elite false lashes), eyeliner, blush, and lipstick. This year we want our teams to look very uniform and have picked out a lipstick color that will look good on all skin tones. Please purchase your lipstick from the front desk, they are $5 each. You will need to label your lipstick with your dancer’s name so they will not get mixed up. We suggest using a piece of masking tape.

Please have your dancer plan on attending all other classes that day. If you have any questions please reach out to Julie or Brittney. We look forward to an exciting competition season 

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