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At JJW we take pride in all we do, including preparing and training your dancer for the competition aspect of dance.  Competition is a highly valued part of being a dancer.  Although we strive for top honors and high scores, we teach our girls good sportsmanship and kindness. We emphasize proper technique and good composition and choreography.  We don't believe that trick after trick makes for an effective and well rounded dancer.  We stress to our students to appreciate qualities that different teams offer and invite them to enjoy watching their "competitors" but to see them as friends. We don't just compete as teams, we plan to attend at least one dance convention in the place of a competition. We feel this will expose our students to a positive learning environment where they can grow inside and out - and take classes with others like them who enjoy a professional experience with professional teachers. 

Costs & Fee's Associated with Team's

If you are interested in trying out for our one of our competitive teams, Here is the breakdown of  time & costs associated with team.


Team Classes-$75 each month (2-2.5) hours a week. Sept-May.

Ballet Classes- $20 ( an additional class that all team members are required to take.)

Any additional Classes-$20 each

Costume Fee's- fees

   Team $250-$300 (Approx) includes 4 costumes (Jazz, Lyrical, HipHop, Tap)

   Ballet-$70 (Due before Oct 30)

   (Any additional class costumes run $65 to $70, also due Oct 30)

Competition Fee's 

These costs are set by competition directors. We plan to attend 3 competitions, including one at Lagoon Theme Park, and possibly 1 optional convention, they are aproximately $350-400 and we try and keep the fees as low as possible. 

Solo Fee's-

Some team members may want to perform Solo routines at these competitions. Total costs for these are also approximate dependent on type of costume, extra routine cleaning needed from choreographers, and how many competitions attended. 

Costume Fee through Jazzworks starts at $65

Choreography Fee- $ 250 paid to choreographer directly

Fee includes choreography from a teacher of your choice. 3, 1 hour sessions to learn choreo,      music cutting and help selecting a costume. Any additional help needed to clean routine will be $10 for 30 minutes. These fee's are paid directly to the teacher.

Solo Competition Fee's are in addition to team Competition Fee's and range from $40-$95 per competition.

You will be required to get your child to and from competitions and take care of any hotel costs if out of town.

Spring activities such as sports, theater groups, musicals etc. that may conflict with team are not allowed. Dance is a Fall, Winter and Spring sport – Remember, we have been in session since September and by agreeing to be on our teams you have agreed that dance teams are your priority. You have invested a lot of time and money for these team experiences and training... we want you to feel it was a solid investment by being dedicated. 

Students are required to attend every practice the week before any competition or they will not compete/perform that week.

Tryout Schedule
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